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Alumni Biographies

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Elliott Rouse Biomechatronics
Elliott Rouse, PhD erouse [at] | Personal website  |  Elliott's LinkedIn profile Office: E14-274G
Dr. Rouse received the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University in 2007, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University in 2009 and 2012, respectively. At Northwestern University, he studied at the Center for Bionic Medicine in the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, under Dr. Todd Kuiken. Currently, he is a postdoctoral associate in the Biomechatronics Group at the MIT Media Lab. His primary research interests include wearable robotics, biomedical system dynamics and identification, human motor control and medical device design. He is passionate about understanding how the nervous system regulates joint mechanical properties dynamically during movement. His goal is to use this understanding to inform the design of advanced technologies to assist and augment human function. Dr. Rouse and his research have been featured on the Discovery Channel, National Public Radio, Wired Magazine UK, Business Insider, and Odyssey Magazine.