Open Urop Positions
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Open Urop Positions

Open UROP Positions in the Biomechatronics Group

The Biomechatronics group covers a very wide range of disciplines.  We seek specific skill sets from all fields.

1: Neural-Interface Bio/Chem Tech (bmok)

Skills keywords: wet lab, histology, EMG, Immunostaining, nerve fiber conduction, surgical techniques, IHC, fluorescence microscopy, bio-synthetic interfaces

2: Master of Embedded Coding (bmjfd)

Skills keywords: microcontrollers (PSoC, STM32), C/C++, BeagleBone Black and Linux, robotics system design, communication protocols (SPI, I2C, RS485)

3: Neural-Interface (EMG) Data Wiz (bmok)

Skills keywords: data collection techniques (EMG, motion capture, GRF, BiOM), multi-modal data analysis, matlab, C/C++, SIMM, RaspberryPi

4:  Biomechanics Instrumentation/software development (bmrr)

Skills keywords: programming (C/C++, National Instruments LabView), animal studies, EMG, data analysis, high-speed data acquisition, electrical engineering (preferably strength in analog), PCB design and fabrication, computer vision for simple motion tracking

5: Electromechanical Device Engineer (bmrr)

Skills keywords: mechanical fabrication experience (bearings, load calculation, mill, lathe, waterjet, lasercutter), good communication skills (you are able to get all the parts you need), motor speed control teqhniques, force sensing, arduino/RaspberryPi, animal studies

6: Biophysical Modeling & Computation Expert (bmdh)

Skills keywords: data collection techniques (EMG, motion capture, GRF, XROMM, CT), programming (Matlab/Simulink), biophysical modeling software (SIMM, Mimics)

7: Biomechanical Modelling Expert (bmdh)

Skills keywords: Finite Element Analysis, solid mechanics, continuum mechanics, programming (Matlab), 3D printing, data collection (DIC, indentation, motion capture)

Don’t see your ideal UROP listed? Tell us about yourself anyway.  We’ll try to help.

How to apply:

To apply for a UROP with the biomechatronics group, fill out this form

For further information, please contact our UROP Administrator, Lindsey Reynolds, lreynolds [at]

Funding/Credit/Volunteer Information:

Where Direct funding is not awarded, the successful Biomech UROP applicant will be appointed for credit or volunteer.  Sponsor funding is an option only for returning and established Biomech UROPs, and is granted on a case by case basis.  Please discuss with your RA mentor or the lab manager for clarification.

The form is your first test.